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  • Bible Black was US band formed by two ex-Elf/Rainbow musicians: durmmer Gary Driscoll and bassist Craig Gruber with guitarist Duck McDonald and singer Jeff Fenholt (famous for his lead role in the Jesus Christ Superstar).
  • “Bible Black” is a song by heavy metal band Heaven & Hell from their 2009 album, The Devil You Know. The song was premiered on 20 March 2009 by Eddie Trunk.


  • The distinctive nature of something
  • The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual
  • fictional character: an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story); “she is the main character in the novel”
  • The quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way
  • (character) engrave or inscribe characters on
  • (character) quality: a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something; “each town has a quality all its own”; “the radical character of our demands”

bible black characters – Bick &

Bick & Stink Meet King Solomon (Tales Of Bible Characters:21st Century)
Bick & Stink Meet King Solomon (Tales Of Bible Characters:21st Century)
Two inquisitive children are told a captivating bedtime bible story. Their father, Gene reads a book: Tales of King Solomon. He tucks them in; says goodnight and that’s when the real story begins.
Bick and his younger brother, Stink, are taken back in time; through the power of their dream! They both awaken on the beach in the land of Israel during the era of the great King Solomon; the wisest man that ever lived. Bewildered and confused, at first, they collect themselves and plan a method of survival.
The boys build themselves a shelter and pick fruit to sustain themselves overnight. The next day they are arrested by the king’s guards, charged as criminals and taken to see his majesty, the Great King Solomon, to await their fate.

Superman on the 4th of July

Superman on the 4th of July
Here’s my pal
Christopher "Superman"
Dennis, now the star of
a movie – "Confessions of
a Superhero" – which peers
directly into the life of this man
who makes his living by dressing
as the man of steel and posing
for the tips of tourists outside
of Hollywood’s Chinese Theater.
He was the first of these
costumed characters, and
sparked a trend so that
many now vy for the
tourist’s tips. And this film
delves into the joy and
sorrow of his life – and the
lives of three of his friends –
and even touches on the
question of if he’s really
Sandy Dennis’ son, as he
claims, or not. Regardless,
he’s the best Superman I
have ever met. And while
on the job, he maintains
superhero protocol – no
cigarettes or booze, no
hustling for tips, no
agression, just purity and
allegiance to America
the beautiful, the brave
and the surreal.

Bible Black (Saeki) figure 1

Bible Black (Saeki) figure 1
Picked this up on Thursday at Anime Expo ’08. She was my fave bible black character!

bible black characters

Kingdom's Dawn (Kingdom, Book 1)
A Riveting Medieval Parallel to the Bible

Good and evil clash. Leinad and Cedric are determined to not only survive, but claim hope and victory! In Kingdom’s Dawn, Leinad and Tess, along with all the king’s people, must escape slavery by the powerful Lord Fairos. Kingdom’s Hope finds them free and arriving in the Chessington Valley. But when they forget the king, will Kergon and the Kessons capture them for good? After many years, Kingdom’s Edge finds Cedric living a hopeless life until a stranger appears with powerful words of a new kingdom and a grand army. Finally, Kingdom’s Reign marches you through the danger of earth’s last days as the evil dark knight threatens to defeat the prince once and for all. Swords, knights, and battles define these captivating tales that parallel biblical events from Genesis to Revelation!

He’s just a young man, but that doesn’t change the truth.

He was chosen…

Sixteen-year-old Leinad thought he was a common farmer’s son, nothing more. He wondered why his father had trained him for years to master the sword—not exactly a tool of the trade for farmers—but one tragic event initiates a world of revelation.

Only then does he begin to understand his calling—a calling no other man in the entire kingdom of Arrethtrae can fulfill—a calling given him by the King himself.

Teamed with a young slave girl, Leinad is thrust into adversity and danger—for the Dark Knight and his vicious Shadow Warriors will stop at nothing to thwart the King’s plan to restore the kingdom. Leinad will need more than a sharp blade and a swift hand to fulfill his mission and survive the evil plots of the King’s sworn enemies!

Journey to Arrethtrae, where the King and His Son implement a bold plan to save their kingdom; where courage, faith, and loyalty stand tall in the face of opposition; where good will not bow to evil—and the future of a kingdom lies in the hands of a young man.


Story Behind the Book

“When my six kids’ eyes glossed over during a reading from the Bible, I paused to explain the significance of redemption to a sin-sick soul. I was rewarded with patronizing elephant nods and more blank stares. Shortly thereafter, I awoke in the middle of the night with a medieval story enveloping my mind. I wrote it down and later read it to my children. Their waning attention transformed into complete anticipation. I was amazed and disappointed. Why did it take a fictional story, not a Bible passage, to get that response? Then I realized—that is how Jesus taught! Parables are powerful! I penned the Kingdom series to help young people get excited about the supremely significant story of Jesus Christ and His mission to save mankind.”

— Chuck Black